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PVC & Aluminum Composite Duct
Velocity of Air flow (MAX.) :30m/s
Operating temperature range : -30℃ to +140℃
Diameter Range : 2’’-26’’
Extension rate: 1:0.045
Working pressure: 2500 Pa
Length: 10 M ; Available on request
Colors : black white and grey
Silent Insulated

1. Aluminum Flexible duct with a reinforced PVC polyester riber
cloth with an encapsulated high tensile steel wire helix.
2. It is suitable for the more demanding applications
where a strong mechanical product is needed
3. Round style, and easy to install oval or round connection .
4. At high temperatures or in case of fire ,no toxic gas emitted .
5. Apply for low /medium / high pressure, use for air ventilation
In each environment .
6. Used for connecting exhaust blowers to air cooled grow lights
and venting.